Anticipate, Lead, Guide

A struggling company must implement a set of complex measures in a coherent and transversal manner.

BOCHE DOBELLE AVOCATS provides expert and seasoned assistance to managers facing difficulties in order to secure the company and support it in its turnaround.

Its know-how has been rewarded several times

This proven leading expertise is combined with independence, responsiveness and flexibility. These services make it possible to achieve the agreed objectives under the best possible conditions and timeframes.

Véronique Dobelle and Mylène Boché-Robinet

Cutting-edge restructuring expertise

The teams at Boché Dobelle Avocats offer cutting-edge expertise in Restructuring & Insolvency law, litigation and the management of complex situations.

Rewarded expertise

Created in January 2019, the firm was ranked as “Unmissable” by Leaders League in the “Restructuring and Insolvency – Council of Mid-Cap Companies and their shareholders” category, in 2020 and again in 2021. It received the Silver Trophy in 2019 for its restructuring practice.

Responsiveness and Flexibility

You will find here a frame of mind, that of responsiveness, independence, flexibility and its associates unwavering availability. They, are with their teams, fully mobilized to meet all the needs of their customers in the event of a crisis.

Boché Dobelle Lawyers5, rue Henri de Bornier
75116 Paris